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Palm tree removal Adelaide

While our general preference is to try and save trees wherever we can, preservation isn’t always the healthiest or most cost-effective option, especially when it comes to palm trees. If we believe that removing the tree has become absolutely necessary to maintain the integrity of your property or land, we will act. With more than 30 years of experience under our belt, you can rest assured that we know how to safely and cost-effectively remove unwanted or damaged palm trees from properties in Adelaide and neighbouring suburbs. As soon as you notice that your palm trees are becoming a problem, simply call SA Tree Recyclers for the safe and effective palm tree removal Adelaide has come to rely on.

Professional palm tree removal Adelaide wide

The reason why palm tree removal is exclusively for experts to handle is that they work with the right set of tools, equipment, and safety gear. Palm tree removal is actually one of the most daunting and challenging tasks for an arborist. Palms grow extensive root systems that cover vast underground areas and take hold differently in varying soils. When it comes to palms, our years of experience really come in handy. Thanks to our expansive knowledge base and close to three decades of fieldwork, we have the necessary equipment to remove your palms safely and permanently. Give our team a call today for any additional details and to organise a time for your free quote.

Our palm tree removal process

Where space is on our side, our favoured technique for removing a palm tree is to climb the tree using a harness and spikes. We then use a handsaw to remove the lower branches and foliage and then rope the chainsaw to the top to begin cutting the tree down in pieces. If there are no surrounding structures or gardens below that can be damaged, the parts of the trunk can be dropped to the ground. If there is, we use a rope and pulley system to lower the pieces to the ground carefully. Depending on the height of the palm tree, removal may require the use of machinery such as scissor lifts and cranes to get up high enough to safely bring down the palm tree branches.

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Since not all palm tree removal jobs are the same, we suggest that you arrange for one of our arborists to visit your property to provide an accurate quote for your palm tree removal in Adelaide. The experts at SA Tree Recyclers can do the job professionally, safely and effectively. You should never attempt to do it yourself as that could mean jeopardising your life and those around you as well as potentially damaging nearby houses and vehicles. We have the necessary equipment to handle palm trees, especially taller specimens, so why not let the experts take care of the problem for you. Call 0418 830 596 today to get your free quote for a quality job at an affordable price.

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